Dec. 31st, 2020 07:50 pm
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Updated as things come up, as per the norm.


  • Queen of Swords Press 3rd Birthday Celebration - Minneapolis, MN. Saturday, January 25th, 2-5PM. Join us at the sgreen无限试用Minneapolis' newest bookstore, for an afternoon of fun, munchies, book sales and giveaways to celebrate our 3rd birthday!
  • "Book Promotion on a Budget" - Sunday, January 26th, 9:30-11:30 PST. Online class at the Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers. I'll be helping you to set up a promotional plan for your books and figuring out how to get the most from your available resources.


  • "Breaking Out of the Slush Pile" - Saturday, February 9th, 1-2:30 PM CST. I'll be teaching an online class for Hidden Timber Books on ways to make your manuscript stand out in a good way.
  • 13 Gears: An Eclectic Steampunk Event - Minneapolis, MN. Saturday and Sunday, February 15-16th. Queen of Swords Press be back at 13 Gears with books and and fun again this year! We'll also be sharing a table with local horror/dark fantasy author, Patrick W. Marsh.
  • Not So Silent Planet Gets Sexy - Minneapolis, MN. Tuesday, February 18th from 8-10PM at Strike Theater. I'll be sharing some Emily L. Byrne hotness at this local speculative fiction story telling series.


  • LHMPodcast Interview - March 13th. Podcast, posted online.
  • "quickq软件下载ios - 好看123:2021-1-22 · 网站介绍:quickq软件下载ios 电脑如何登录谷歌天行app官网 sgreen是中国的吗 atom vnp下载链接玲珑加速器多少钱一天安卓 ... 网站介绍:2021年5月21日 - quickq加速器下载,quickq加速器破解版下载,下载quickq加速器手机版和quickq加速器安卓版有什么区别 ...?" - Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers, online. April 6th, 9:30-11:30 AM PST.


  • Hamline University Women's Resource Center Virtual FemFair 2020 - Online through May 17th. Feminist arts and crafts fair run by a local unversity. Queen of Swords Press will have a virtual table.
  • "In Flagrante Delicto: Writing Effective Sex Scenes" - Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers, online. May 9th, 9:30-11:30AM PST.
  • Flights of Foundry - May 16-17, online sf/f/h con. I'll be on programming and will have a Queen of Swords table in the virtual Dealer's Room.
  • WisCon朋友们都用的什么tz?ios的,之前充值的sgreen现在服务器都没有了,q...:1楼: 朋友们都用的什么tz?ios的,之前充值的sgreen现在服务...6楼:我现在用这个
  • 2020 SFWA Nebula Conference快喵加速器:green加速器安装 安卓green加速器破解版 green加速器无限版 green绿色加速器 安卓 green加速器安卓破解版 360加速器下载 sgreen下载 绿叶加速器下载 免费green加速器下载 turbo vp安卓版 天行安卓版vnp green加速器安卓版下载 sq.ssfree.icu加速器 快喵加速器
  • "Book Promo on a Budget" - Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers, online. Coming back, by popular demand! With some updated thoughts on how to handle having a limited number of/no in person events. June 14th, 9:30-11:30 AM PST.
  • The Return of Running a Small Press: It's an Adventure - Minneapolis, MN. sgreen破解版iOS, June 17th. 6:30-8:00PM. Join publisher Catherine Lundoff for her annual talk on what it's like to start a small press and keep it going, the high points of 2019 and what's next. This will be a Facebook live event (with the possibility of in person attendance).
  • Rainbow Space Magic Virtual Con 2020 - June 20-21st. Online LGBTQ+ specfic convention. I'll be on programming, not sure of platform yet.
  • Twin Cities Pride Virtual Marketplace - June 27 -28th. Queen of Swords Press will have a "booth" and we'll be peddling books all weekend.
  • "Book Promo on a Budget (Pandemic Version)" - July 12. Broad Universe members-only online workshop. Sign up for this and other workshops!
  • sgreen安卓安装包- July 18th, 1-4PM. Columbia Heights, MN. Online local Pride celebration. Queen of Swords will have a virtual table.
  • "So You Want to Put Together an Anthology?" - July 26th, 1-3PM PMT, 3-5 PM CST. Online class that I'm teaching at the Rambo Academy.
  • OutWrite DC- July 31st-August 2nd. Living life on the edge here - we also have a vendor table at this convention, concurrent with CONZealand. Waiting to hear about programming.
  • CONZealand – July 29th-August 2nd. Wellington, New Zealand. Online. I'll be on programming and Queen of Swords Press will have a virtual table.
  • PrideFest 2020 - August 15-16th. Pueblo, Colorado. Virtual Pride festival. Queen of Swords Press is a vendor.
  • "Book Promo on a Budget" - August 23rd, 9:30-11:30 PMT, 11:30-1:30 CST. Online class that I'm teaching at the Rambo Academy.
  • sgreen免费破解版 - Labor Day Weekend (placeholder). Online. Queen of Swords Press is a vendor.
  • 天行破解版无限免费ios - September 19th, 11-4PM. St. Cloud, MN. Online. Queen of Swords Press has requested a table.
  • Rosemount Writer's Festival - Rosemount, MN. Saturday, September 26th, 9:30-4:30PM. I'll have a book table. Canceled.
  • Multiverse2020 - October 15-17th, Atlanta, Georgia. Now online! Invited guest so on programming and such.
  • Twin Cities Book Festival - October 17th, St. Paul, MN. Online. Queen of Swords Press is a vendor once again.
  • "Crimson Peaks and Menacing Mansions: Writing Gothic Horror" - Rambo Academy online class. We haven' finalized the date yet.
  • Geek Girl Con - Online. Placeholder. Queen of Swords Press has applied for a table.

  • Minnesota Women's Art Festival - Placeholder. Possibly going online. TBD.


Aug. 1st, 2020 02:41 pm
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Or almost, at any rate. It's been a week. It has also been something of a mixed bag. It was New Zealand's first Worldcon and I was supposed to be going to Auckland and taking the train down the coat to Wellington. I was looking forward to seeing friends, celebrating 苹果App Store下架更多网络访问工具 只针对中国--游戏--人民网:2021-7-31 · 知名VPN服务供应商ExpressVPN昨日发布通知称,收到苹果的紧急通知。通知表示其应用将从苹果商店移除,因为其包含了不符合中国法律的内容。同样在 ... with A.J. Fitzwater and generally having a pleasant time. Well, we know how that worked out.

As you may or may not recall, I wasn't on programming, then I was a late add. Then I decided to get a virtual book table. Then the Dealer's Room folks decided to have us essentially organize and build a secondary website, just for the con, the week before the con. That took awhile and I was not best pleased at the amount of time and effort to set up something that...linked back to the existing Queen of Swords Press website. But it eventually worked and I did get some sales so it was by no means a total wash. Speaking of which, the CoNZealand coupon, CONZL20, is still good for 15% off ebooks on the Queen of Swords Press website through tomorrow (8/2) which happens to be Day 2 of Outwrite D.C. I am also a vendor there, but am not on programming.

Which is good, because I am utter and complete toast. There's been a lot of mad scrambling to keep the vendor stuff going (things weren't working, then were kind of working, but no one knew where we were, etc.). I did one 10-11 PM panel (my time) and 1 midnight to 1AM panel (my time) and did a reading. During the reading, something got stuck in my throat and I coughed until I lost my voice for a bit, which was not fun. But otherwise, the panels went reasonably well and I did get to chat with some friends and got  to a couple of readings and panels that I liked, so it was okay from that perspective.

And I caught the first hour of the Hugos (my reading was scheduled during Hour
#2). I have...feelings about the Hugo Award ceremony. On the one hand, super glad to see some great people, including Elise Matthesen, win! So that was awesome. And then there was the rest of it. Bear in mind that the last time I actually showed up at the Awards, I got to hear a prominent author go out of her way to sing the praises of a serial sexual harasser, who was at the con and harassing more women there, during her acceptance speech. She knew about multiple previous occasions, but chose to drape her mantle of shiny around him anyway and I have not read that author since and do not plan to do so. Mostly, I look upon the Hugos as a license for the old guard to behave badly, whine about not getting awards, whine about not getting enough awards, be snotty to those of use who have never been nominated, etc., etc. But I plodded through the first hour, listened to GRRM hold forth about not getting an award, butcher people's names and the name of FIYAH Lit, one of the finalists, hold forth about Silverberg (dear ghod, why?) and turned it off when he started on Campbell. I tuned back in for about a half hour after my reading, but the feed died during the In Memorium and I called it a night after confirming that Elise and other people I like won.

Okay, so generally, I expect little from the Hugo Award ceremony and it has frequently lived down to those expectations. I mean, this is an award ceremony where Harlan Ellison once groped Connie Willis and people argued about whether or not that was tots okay because Ellison will be Ellison, paraphrased. It just makes me want to scream; the recent finalist lists and award winners have included some terrific work, but the ceremony itself is just not growing up with the field. I don't want to listen to old white men pat themselves on the back and pat each other on the back and ancestor worship the great old white men of their past. The number of fans who do want this is gradually shrinking, finally. Most of us deserve better.

CONZealand Schedule!

Jul. sgreen安卓破解版, sgreen下载ios 08:48 pm
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The full schedule is up here; CONZealand is this year's Worldcon and it will be taking place sgreen破解版iOS. Head's up if you are not already registered - it looks like they are trying to recoup costs and registration at this point is not cheap. At any rate, I'll have a Queen of Swords Press table so please stay tuned for details.
In the meantime, here are the schedules for A.J. Fitzwater, Alex Acks and me, all in new Zealand time and dates.

Sessions in which AJ Fitzwater participates

Thursday July 30, 2020
Time Zone: NZST/Wellington

3:00 PM
* New Zealand Authors on the International Stage
* Programming - Programme Room 2 (Webinar)
* 3:00 PM  - 3:50 PM  | 50 minutes
* Panel New ZealandScience Fiction/Fantasy 

8:00 PM
* Book Launch: Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy Volume 2
* Programming - Programme Room 7 (Zoom Meeting)
* 8:00 PM  - 8:50 PM  | 50 minutes
* Book Launch Science Fiction/Fantasy

Friday July 31, 2020

Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
5:00 PM
* Reading: AJ Fitzwater
* Programming - Reading Room 2
* 5:00 PM  - 5:25 PM  | 25 minutes
* Reading

Sessions in which Alex Acks participates

Thursday July 30, 2020
Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
11:00 AM
* Reading: Alex Acks
* Programming - Reading Room 2
* 11:00 AM  -11:25 AM  | 25 minutes
* Reading

2:00 PM
* My Favourite Board Game
* Programming - Programme Room 5 (Zoom Meeting)
* 2:00 PM  - 2:50 PM  | 50 minutes
* Panel Gaming

Friday July 31, 2020
Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
10:00 AM
* Ask a Scientist
* Programming - Programme Room 1 (Webinar)
* 10:00 AM  -10:50 AM  | 50 minutes
* Panel Science/Technology

2:00 PM
* Climate Fiction/Climate Fact
* Programming - Programme Room 1 (Webinar)
* 2:00 PM  - 2:50 PM  | 50 minutes
* Panel Science/TechnologyScience Fiction/Fantasy

Sessions in which Catherine Lundoff participates

Thursday July 30, 2020

Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
3:00 PM
* Nevertheless, She Persisted: The Explosion of the Heroine in the 50 Years Since Mia Havero
* Programming - Programme Room 3 (Webinar)
* 3:00 PM  - 3:50 PM  | 50 minutes
* Panel Science Fiction/Fantasy

Friday July 31, 2020
Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
5:00 PM
* From Peter Jackson to Taika Waititi : New Zealand Originated Genre Films and TV Series
* Programming - Programme Room 1 (Webinar)
* 5:00 PM  - 5:50 PM  | 50 minutes
* Panel Media 

Saturday August 1, 2020

Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
12:00 PM
* Reading: Catherine Lundoff
* Programming - Reading Room 2
* 12:00 PM  -12:25 PM  | 25 minutes
* Reading


Catching up...

Jul. 14th, 2020 08:14 pm
Sort of. What have I been up to? Working on Blood Moon (almost done with this draft!) and new chapters of the novel in progress that I'm serializing for my Patreon (the money goes to Queen of Swords Press to keep it solvent). Speaking of Queen of Swords, our titles are on sale on Smashwords for the annual Summer/Winter Sale and I've added a ton of new events. I taught a workshop for Broad Universe last weekend and have Columbia Heights Pride online this Saturday (7/18). I'll be on programming and running a vendor table at CONZealand, and for funzies, I also got a vendor table at virtual Outwrite in D.C. the same weekend. I updated my pinned post for all the upcoming stuff - lots of virtual events and classes, mostly.

Apart from all that, I'm hitting at least one local online benefit a week and have started taking an online  isolation and conditioning class with with Cassandra Shore, director of the Jawaahir Dance Company (Middle Eastern dancing troupe and school that has its studio space in the building next to what used to be the 3rd Precinct building). I'm...really out of shape. Ouch. I've already signed up for several more.

I got a Netflix account just to watch "The Old Guard." I absolutely loved it and plan to watch it again. I also got a Disney Plus account to watch "Hamilton," and love that too. Less excited about D+ and will be letting it go. I fought getting any streaming for quite a while - we used to have a local video rental store, I have very little free time and I generally check DVDs out from Quatrefoil and the public library, only not so much right now. So streaming it is, at least for a bit.

Now to go vote for Hugos and do some odds and ends before bed.

Sundry updates and bits of news and signal boosting

Jul. 5th, 2020 07:03 pm
It has been a very full month. We just wrapped up the Pride StoryBundle - many thanks to everyone who participated, bought and/or boosted the Bundle. We raised nearly $600 for Rainbow Railroad's work with LGBTQ+ refugees and that feels pretty great. The last couple of nights of constant fireworks barrage have ensured that I didn't get much sleep; when your city burns, you tend to sit up watching for sparks because some fools are using your street as a launch pad for sparkly artillery. But I did come up with the arc for the rest of Blood Moon, so it wasn't for nothing.

We went to the newly re-opened Russian Museum on Friday - they're sanitizing, limiting entry, requiring masks, etc. The current big show are very large paintings from the Soviet era that touch on the time period after World War II. Some of it is very grim, but the artwork is spectacular and it's nice to be able to go to a museum again. Saturday, we went to the May Day Cafe for one of their neighborhood benefits (pay what you want for baked goods and they split the money between local organizations). I made chicken karaage, greens, cornbread and homemade goat's milk strawberry ice cream and we watched Hamilton. I figured we'd try the network thing for a month and see how it goes so I signed up for Disney and Netflix; I suspect the first will get scrapped in a month or two, but might keep the second. I was perfectly happy renting, but out local shop closed down a couple of years ago, the libraries are intermittently accessible, I can't go to the movies right now and I really don't want to buy everything, so here we are. Liked Hamilton a lot and I want to see it back to back with 1776, the musical.

Today, I went to the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden with a friend. They're timing entry and have shut down all the side paths so you get in a solid 45 minutes to an hour hike with a lot of distance between parties. they've also provided a bunch of guides (print as well as online) so you can ask about plants, etc. Quite lovely, even in this heat. From there, I went to the Cafe Meow, the cat rescue/adoption coffee shop in Uptown. Then, for whatever insane reason, I decided to rip the proverbial bandaid off and got visit the absolute worst swath of destruction in the city at Lake and Minnehaha. Picture, if you will, every news story about bombed out cities - Beirut, Damascus, etc. It looks like that. Whole swaths of Lake Street are burnt rubble right now or boarded up and closed and it was very, very hard, even just to drive past. So here's a couple of fundraisers for various things; most fans already know about DreamHaven (recovering) and Uncle Hugo's and Uncle Edgar's (rubble, but fundraising for a future) so these are general funds or other things worth supporting because their survival impacts us. If you are a new donor to either the Lake Street or Longfellow funds and are interested, I will enter you in a drawing to be held on 7/12 for any
Queen of Swords Press title, winner's choice. Queen of Swords Press is also open for submissions; check the website for details. Please, please donate if you can; it truly hurts to see our city so wounded on so many levels.

  • Visit Lake Street
  • Longfellow Business Relief
  • Share Your Love for Greater Longfellow
These two are a bit different. Geek Partnership Society runs a space in NE Minneapolis that the local geek community uses for everything from game and movie nights to craft fairs; given that all of our cons have cancelled this year and we're still in semi-lockdown, losing this space will make it harder to recover our robust local fannish communities. They're trying to come up with enough money to get through the rest of 2020 and strategize for next year.
  • Geek Partnership Society Fundraiser
The Seward Cafe is one of the oldest continuously worker-run restaurants in the U.S. They closed for COVID shutdown, then had started to ramp up semi-weekly home deliveries of food and coffee, then George Floyd was murdered and the city burned. They've been running a food bank and critical supplies free store for the last month (bear in mind that we lost grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. and now have a bunch of food deserts/healthcare, etc. deserts that we didn't have before and there was no bus service or mail for a week), which despite being desperately important work, means they're not getting paid and bills are coming due. So please kick in, if you can.
  • Seward Cafe Go Fund Me
Please hang in there, everyone.


Jun. 30th, 2020 04:50 pm
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First, the big stuff.
  • The Pride StoryBundle ends late in the day tomorrow! Last chance to pick up this particular combination of great reads for a great price and support Rainbow Railroad while you're at it.
  • Today is Give Out Day, the largest day for philanthropic giving for a bunch of LGBTQ+ nonprofits.I'm pushing the Minnesota ones because we're in trouble, but really, everybody needs all the help they can get this year, so if you can donate to something close to your heart, please do.
  • Queen of Swords Press opens for query submissions on 7/5/20. CFS is here.
Otherwise, I am tired and juggling many things and looking forward to having a 3 day weekend, except for the fireworks going off endlessly. I am also writing again, despite everything. Hope you all are staying well!

Appearances and other fun

Jun. sgreen免费破解, sgreen内测版下载ios Sgreen加速器官网
SO MUCH GOING ON! See local updates below. In the meantime:
  • I appeared on the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club YouTube channel, changed hats a lot and talked about Queen of Swords Press this week!
Watch on YouTube
  • I have a new letter up to my high school self at the Letters to Yesterday Podcast.
If the 15 minutes video above intrigues you, there's a much longer video from DreamHaven Books last week.DreamHaven is still recovering from the burglary, etc. so please consider buying books and contributing to their fundraiser. They do sell Queen of Swords Press titles as well as bunch of other fun things. And I may be in Publishers Weekly soon as a plug for the store; awaiting updates.
Watch on YouTube
  • Queen of Swords Press is also a vendor at Twin Cities Pride Virtual Marketplace on 6/27 and 6/28. I'll be doing a virtual hangout on Sunday night from 5-7 (check TC Pride website for code). I'm also running a sale that's going on right now: get 15% off any purchase over $3 direct from the QoSP website using code TCPride2020 now through 6/29. Print and ebook available1
  • The Pride StoryBundle is going into its last week and change. Pick up your copy today and help support Rainbow Railroad's work with LGBTQ refugees at the bonus level!
  • 啪啪街机苹果版下载_啪啪街机iOS版免费下载-太平洋下载中心:2021-3-20 · 啪啪街机iOS版是iPhone苹果手机必备的工具之一!啪啪街机模拟器是一款经典游戏体验工具,拥有非常流畅的操作、画面,工具内置几款经典街机游戏 ...
  • I took a sick day yesterday (mostly due to just being very tired and having a growing migraine) and went to see my dentist - she's an African-American woman in her sixties who runs a dental practice that's entirely staffed by women of color, located a few blocks east and south of us. They're all pretty edgy about everything, not surprisingly, but on the pandemic front, they have the whole office divided into tents and are sanitizing like mad. I'm noticing that those of us who live here are beginning to talk about time in terms of before and after George Floyd's murder so I think it will be a pivotal event for a very long time to come. At any rate, after that, I did a Seward Co-op run, then went up to Lake Street briefly. I find that I'm having to take it in small doses.Yesterday was a visit to Bill's Imported Foods (open) and an attempt to stop by Steamship Coffee and Games (open, but not when I was there). I could see take-out signs in front of Bryant Lake Bowl. They all looked pretty good, but the gas station is a burnt out husk and several of the other businesses were trashed and are either closed forever or for repairs. From there, I went on to the Lake Harriet Rose and Peace Gardens (open for walking) and spent a lovely soothing hour there before heading home to read and nap and recover. Doing a bit better today.

  • The video from last week

Pride StoryBundle Mini-interview with R.R. Angell, author of BEST GAME EVER

Jun. 21st, 2020 08:53 am
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Next up on my list (see A.C. Wises' interviews here) of Pride StoryBundle authors to interview is author R.R. Angell. In addition to this terrific novel about queer college students and virtual gaming, Bob has had stories appear in sgreen下载ios and The Baltimore Review, amongst other places. Welcome, Bob!

   sgreen浏览器下载 访问google可用_app软件铺:2021-5-10 · sgreen浏览器(安卓) 这款浏览器用着还凑合,所以分享给大家。首次使用软件需要注册登录。一般是没啥问题的,如果各位担心泄露隐私。可以使用接码平台来注册这款软件。 下面截

Best Game Ever is a nerdy virtual reality tech / queer love story set at Bolin College. This group of gay, nonbinary, and straight programming geeks are on a VR design team racing toward a deadline. Robby’s roommate dies of an apparent suicide after playing their favorite VR first-person flyer game, Flying Squirrels. Robby suspects foul play. With the help of his teammates, Robby exposes a threat to all VR gamers, and the SaikoVR AI game engine, Virtuella, fights back. Can Robby and his friends defeat Virtuella, save the world, and find love in the BEST GAME EVER? And will Robby ever figure out that he’s hopelessly in love with the unattainable gender-fluid Miles? 

I had the idea for this novel while on a business trip to Silicon Valley where I was at VPL Research with Jaron Lanier getting to play with his new virtual reality worlds. They were clunky by today’s standards, and you could walk or fly through walls and “solid” objects. On the drive back to the hotel, I got nervous about my expectations of reality, as if I’d been deprogrammed slightly and was afraid I might try to drive through a guardrail. I started writing the novel in 1992 and have rewritten it over five times. The last complete rewrite did the trick.  

sgreen免费破解版What do you find engaging/important about writing LGBTQ/queer fiction? 

I write the stories that I want to read, the ones that I don’t see out there in the world. I like exploring ideas, and have always written to make queer life the most normal and accepted thing in the world in all my fiction. A lot of my literary works explore the constraints and restraints society imposes as it guides and molds us to fit in. Most of that is for me, a way to understand how I got to this point in my life.   

   What books or stories do you have out that readers of this StoryBundle might enjoy? 

My queer SF novella, In The Space of Nine Lives, is about a boy growing up on a deep space transport ship whose life course is determined by his love for another boy. It was bravely and originally published in Asimov’s way back in January 2006, and republished as a stand-alone novella in 2019. Print and ebook versions through my website or at Amazon.  

Two other queer literary stories are available free online. Lost Anchors is a story about an aging gay couple. A Dry Wish is the story about a failing blogger riding out a binge in Vienna, Austria. You can find them here.

Thanks, Bob!

Pride StoryBundle Mini-inteview with Heather Rose Jones, author of FLOODTIDE

Jun. sgreen下载ios, 2020 07:04 am

Next up on my list (see A.C. Wises' interviews here) of Pride StoryBundle authors to interview is author Heather Rose Jones. In addition to writing a great historical fantasy series about queer women in a magical kingdom in Europe, Heather blogs extensively about lesbians and queer women in history and maintains a splendid podcast that mixes fiction, author interviews and historical research on the same topic. Welcome, Heather!

Can you tell us a bit about the book you have in this StoryBundle?


Floodtide is the story of an ordinary girl, thrown into the midst of extraordinary times. For the fourth book in my Alpennia historic fantasy series, I wanted to shake things up a bit: focus on a working class character, not the rich and powerful; view the world through a single viewpoint of limited experience; and give my collection of teenaged minor characters a chance to have adventures on their own while the adults were distracted.


Rozild is a laundry maid and aspiring apprentice dressmaker. Through her friendship with Celeste, the dressmaker’s daughter, she’s introduced to the world of the charmwives--the folk-magic side of the ceremonial magic and alchemy that dominated the earlier books. Roz has an awkward habit of falling in love with girls, which forms a counterpoint to all the other challenges she needs to navigate, but the deep friendships that survive the test are what save the day when the waters rise and fever stalks the city.


At the mid-point in the seven-book series, I wanted to write a story that could stand alone and be an introduction to my little magical Ruritania


SGreen绿叶网络测速器-SGreen绿叶苹果版下载 1.3-新云软件园:2021-2-27 · SGreen技术团队专注于提供优质的网络安全和加速服务,我们坚持7x24x365的服务理念,力争打造优质的服务品牌。今后我们也将一如既往地为新老用户提供更高速,更稳定,更安全,更完善的服务。感兴趣的朋友快来新云下载吧!


Writing fiction is always a case of fixing a spotlight on a limited slice of reality (for a reality that can include fantastic and unreal things). Fiction doesn’t have the fractal diversity of real life, so it’s easy for an author’s own interests and biases (whether hidden or overt) to filter what gets onto the page. When all the filters that are allowed to be published are aligned on the same wavelength, the result is a polarized light that only allows readers to “see” a fraction of the world.


When I was a young sff reader just beginning to understand my sexuality, the closest identifications I could find in sff were metaphors and allegories: closeted magical races, the demi-monde of vampires, alienated teenage protagonists who only knew that they were different from everyone around them and who went on quests to find their destiny. Those are all marvelously rich literary tropes, but woman cannot live on tropes alone. I wanted characters who were like me and who also had those experiences.


Writing in the field of historic fantasy and historic romance--and especially given the hard work of researching and interpreting the lives and experiences of queer people in the past--I also feel that fiction has a key role in rooting our identities throughout the entirety of human existence. Queer people in the past weren’t just like us, but they were there. And that same filtered, polarized light in both fiction and non-fiction writing about history has insisted for too long that they were not there. Writing queer people back into history--even a fantastic history with magic--is my way of claiming my place as an equal member of humanity.


What books or stories do you have out that readers of this StoryBundle might enjoy?


Obviously, if they like Floodtide, then I highly recommend that they check out the entire Alpennia series, starting with Daughter of Mystery. By the time they come round again to the events of Floodtide they’ll have a new appreciation for how it all fits together. And if they’d like a non-fantasy story that shows just how queer the actual past could be, They might enjoy my free novelette “The Mazarinette and the Musketeer” which takes several real-life women of the late 17th century and throws them together in a fluffy adventure.


Aside from your own work, what are some of your favorite queer reads you would recommend to folks?


I’m going to suggest three very different works that have grabbed me in different ways. The first is T. Kingfisher’s Sgreen加速器官网 which is the f/f Snow Queen story that would have overturned my life if it had existed when I was a teenager. The second is Claire O’Dell’s near-future gender-flipped Sherlock Holmes series, the Janet Watson Chronicles (A Study in Honor and The Hound of Justice) which may have been a bit too painful in predicting the sort of future we now find ourselves in. The third is Nalo Hopkinson’s The Salt Roads which--in the midst of historic pain and tragedy--is a tightly-woven cloth of so many different ways of being, feeling, and loving that I felt more included than I do in 99% of books, despite none of the characters resembling my life at all.

Thanks, Heather! The Pride StoryBundle runs until 7/1 and our selected charity is Rainbow Railroad, an organization that works with LGBTQ+ refugees.


This week's events...

Jun. 16th, sgreen免费破解 07:24 pm
catherineldf: (Default)
Things are sort of settling down here, in the sense of not actually being on fire. Still lots of demonstrations, a permanent memorial going up in our neighborhoods, lots of needs, lots of destroyed and damaged building and businesses. Fewer gunshots and cars with out of state plates driving very fast on the residential streets, or at least on ours. Lots of hot debate about what it means to "defund the police," lots of discussion around "who will protect us?," etc. Still navigating the virus and things sort of reopening and trying to support everything I can. On the brighter end of things, some stuff that looked like it wasn't coming back is, Chicago Avenue is likely to be renamed "George Floyd Avenue" or equivalent and people are paying a lot more attention, much of it in good ways. There was some of this awakening around Philando Castile's murder, but this is much more pronounced and stronger. Here's hoping it leads to good things.

So speaking of helping things recover, I'm doing my annual talk on running a small press at DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis tomorrow night. Dreamhaven has reopened but repairs are still in process from the burglary, vandalism and attempted arson. They can allow up to 10 people wearing masks into the store at a time so you can attend in person if you're in the area (but will have to scatter around the store in any case). I will be broadcasting live on Facebook from the Queen of Swords Press page though so you won't be missing anything if you opt to watch and listen there. In the meantime, please consider supporting the store's Go Fund Me and buying books online or in person, particularly Queen of Swords Press titles (they carry all our print titles), but anything helps, really.

Then, this weekend, I'll be at Rainbow Space Magic, a new online LGBTQ+ sff con for writers and readers. I'll be doing a reading with some other authors on Saturday evening (depending on your timezone) -

  • sgreen破解版iOS CT 6:00pm / ET 7:00pm
  • Kim Fielding, Catherine Lundoff, KS Murphy

Then I'll be on this panel on Sunday morning:


How Does Our Queer Past Influence the Queer Sci Fi Future?

天行破解版无限免费ios green加速器安卓破解版 CT 10:00am / ET 11:00am

With Trevor Barton, RR (Bob) AngellCatherine Lundoff, and Michael G Williams

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Looks like fun! And it's free so please register and join us!

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Jun. 14th, sgreen免费破解 06:45 pm

I'm doing several short interviews with authors who have books in the year's Pride StoryBundle. Many thanks to 绿叶green下载ios for kicking us off! Check out her blog for her writing  news, interviews with authors like A.J. Fitzwater and Craig Laurance Gidney and her terrific recommendation lists.

Can you tell us a bit the book you have in this StoryBundle?

Catfish Lullaby is queer Southern Gothic meets weird cosmic horror. Readers meet the protagonist, Caleb, at three points in his life - as a young child, a pre-teen, and again as an adult, as he reckons with the terrible deeds perpetrated by his neighbor in a twisted quest for immortality. It's full of folklore, found family, and family by blood, and it was a finalist for this year's Nebula Award!

What do you find engaging/important about writing LGBTQ/queer fiction?

I write the kind of stories I want to read. I also think it's important to have a multiplicity of queer narratives out there so there's more chance that people will see some aspect of their own lived experiences reflected in the fiction they consume. Stories have the power to build empathy, and hopefully the more people are exposed to queer narratives, the easier it will be for society as a whole to see queer identities as valid, and queer stories as vital.

What books or stories do you have out that readers of this StoryBundle might enjoy?

I have two short story collections, IOS CrackMe 破解学习 - 兜兜有糖的博客 - 博客园:2021年4月10日 - [UIColor greenColor]; } - (void)checkPass:(id)sender { if([_pass's password: userde-iPhone:~ root# ps -ax|grep ... and The Kissing Booth Girl and Other Stories, published by Lethe Press that were part of past Pride StoryBundles. The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron is a series of inter-connected short stories following a queer found family of heroes kicking ass and saving the world all while looking absolutely stunning. sgreen内测版下载ios is a more traditional short story collection, mixing reprints and a few original tales. My debut novel, Wendy, Darling comes out from Titan Books in June 2021, and a new short story collection, The Ghost Sequences, will be published by Undertow Books in August 2021. I am thrilled about both, and I can't wait for people to read them!

Aside from your own work, what are some of your favorite queer reads you would recommend to folks?

I loved The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper (part of the Pride StoryBundle), it's an utterly delightful and joyous collection of interconnected stories about a dapper, lesbian capybara pirate and her daring crew. Rivers Solomon's An Unkindness of Ghosts is a powerful and painful read, which recreates plantation society on a generation ship. It is both brutal and beautifully written, and I would unhesitatingly recommend it. The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling is a wonderful and tense sci-fi horror about cave diving on an alien planet. I would also highly recommend the Transcendent series of Year's Best anthologies from Lethe Press. They're always wonderful!

I could go on, but I'll restrain myself.

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Jun. 9th, 2020 01:32 pm
sgreen ios 破解版下载
So as things calm down a bit here in the Twin Cities (we are not actually on fire, a bunch of political things are in motion, some things are being repaired, etc.), I wanted to talk about the donating and giving that I personally do and/or have seen others do. As a rule, giving and donating in the U.S. is feast or famine for organizations and movements and some of them weather it much better than others, the main problem being that the organizations in the best position to survive in the first place are also most likely to survive public attention turning elsewhere. The basic rule is that if it hits the mainstream news, donations pour long as that organization or issue is still in the news. What I'm going to about here is building things, as opposed to reacting to the news cycle. Caveat: I have worked for nonprofits and social service agencies in the past, but do not at present.

The main sources of funding (and just file this away for later if it doesn't pertain to you now) for nonprofits or small organizations that are not in the nonprofit system in the U.S. tend to be the following:
  • Fundraisers
  • SGreen安装包下载
  • Pledges and memberships
  • Grants
I'm not going to be talking about grants here since those generally come from the government, foundations and so forth. And I know this can look like a huge list so I'll just note that I designate part of each pay check for donations, etc. If things are tight and I can't, then I can't. I just focus on the pledges and memberships when that's the case.

So. Fundraisers. These run the gamut from star-studded galas to kids selling candy bars and lemonade. The big ones bring in a lot of money (and also cost money to pull off). The small ones may work better as a way to get attention focused on the organization or issue than as money makers. I have, for example, bought tickets to online performances by a bunch of small arts organizations in the last few months, so I've gotten to see concerts, plays, readings and other fun things from home. These are fun and entertaining, but generally speaking, will not replace an evening's worth of ticketed admissions or equivalent. Should you do them anyway, if you can? Definitely. These are generally for keeping the lights on, paying performers and staff and so forth. Check around where you live - a lot of local arts organizations are doing these. Or check out the Hook & Ladder Theater in Minneapolis and donate for their online live shows; their building is located next to the Third Precinct, which you have no doubt seen burning down, and they were already hurting a bunch from the shutdown. For Go Fund Me campaigns and related online campaigns, I suggest checking out first: are they official (the recipient approved them)? Does the person running the fundraiser have a connection to the organization? How is money getting to the organization(s)? If those check out for you, then these can be super helpful.

Donations. These overlap with fundraisers, but are often not connected to a specific event or timeframe. Again, very useful for keeping the doors open, etc. I have things that I donate to on a regular basis, like Give OUT Day (6/30/20, this year) and Give to the Max Day. The advantage to giving during big scheduled events for multiple organizations is that people plan their giving around them, there are often matching funds and there may be additional prizes for organizations that meet certain criteria. The downside is that nonprofits with a healthy budget and full time staff tend to do much better because someone is updating on social media. In addition, organizations with a specific focus on a minority group, like queer people of Asian descent, or transpeople of African heritage with disabilities, who are already likely to not have resources are also served by groups that don't have resources. My suggestion: maintain a checklist or a spreadsheet of what give to which organizations and when. Make sure that you include smaller groups that do things you believe in and that probably don't have access to more funding.
My scheduled donations look something like this:
January/February (based on my old's job's United Way schedule) - Project for Pride in Living (Twin Cities organization fighting homelessness with transitional and permanent housing, providing job training, etc.); Feline Rescue (because our kitties came from there) and the Bridge for Youth, which is the local youth shelter.
March/April - I generally do a personal birthday fundraiser for SAGE, which works with and advocates for LGBTQ elders.
May/June - generally all LGBTQ, all the time. I participate in an annual fundraiser for Rainbow Railroad (a nonprofit that works internationally with LGBTQ refugees), contribute during Give Out Day and prioritize local LGBTQ organizations like Quatrefoil Library and Outfront MN, etc.
Summer - carbon offsets for travel and environmental programs (Tree Trust, The Nature Conservancy and Friends of the Mississippi are amongst my favs, local news outlets dependent on donations, abortion and prochoice funds, etc.)
November - GIve Out Day is the biggest day for nonprofit giving here in Minnesota. I generally give to the Headwaters Fund (run by and focused on BIPOC community groups), the Women's Foundation of MN, PFund (queer funding, prioirity  given to BIPOC queer and trans folks) and several local arts groups that we do a lot of work with.
December - donations as gifts - KFAI Radio (local multicultural radio station), Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center, the Bisexual Organizing Project, etc.

Pledges and Memberships:
These are the funding sources that keep things afloat during the lean times. I carry memberships to several museums, including the Women's History Museum in D.C., the Edward Gorey House Museum in MA and the MIA here in Minneapolis; political organizations like the NAACP and LPAC (funds queer women candidates and allies who support queer people); arts organizations like KFAI Radio, the MN Center for Book Arts and miscellaneous library-related and bookish things; and environmental groups that focus on environmental racism and social equity, like Green America. My monthly pledges include Patreon (various writers and artists), Outfront MN (LGBTQ+ organization with lobbying, community organization, etc.), Astraea Foundation (international funding organization that supports LGBTQIA+ groups around the world as well as the U.S.), Third Wave Foundation (young queer activists, sex workers, BIPOC queer groups a major priority) and PFund (local, gives scholarships and funding for regional queer activists). I also have a few bucks per check taken out to support a local consortium of nonprofit groups that serve various communities and I am a dues-paying member of my union. And I try to participate in crowd-funding campaigns when I can.

How do I prioritize what I give to? Well, I like to go for the most bang for the buck because there aren't that many bucks to go around. So If I support a local foundation that redistributes my pledge or donation to other efforts and does it well, that's a win. I also try to make things do double duty by having my cell phone plan with CREDO, credit cards through credit unions and B Corporation banks, buying at our local co-op and designating donations to local organizations, etc. I have a mental checklist of things I care about deeply and I try to focus on those. I'm a big fan of "we all do better when we all do better" so that's certainly a driver. I prioiritize LGBTQ+ groups because a. I am and b. because I remember what it was like when there was no organizational support and we do not want to see those days again. I try and evaluate where my money is going on a regular basis - does the organization have a good reputation for handling funds and staffing? Am I regularly pledging and donating to groups run by/prioritizing POC? Is this an issue I continue to care about deeply? Am I doing an amount of giving that is causing me real or imagined financial stress (fairly easy to do when there's a big crisis)? Is there a greater immediate need, like a friend's health emergency? I regard everything except my scheduled pledges are flexible, which helps keep it more manageable.

Looking at donating right now? Consider pledging, if you can. Look at local organizations that are already on the ground, doing the work. We've had at least 2 groups working on police brutality and accountability issues for years now, for instance. How are people getting housed, fed, clothed? Is there an organization that works with communities of color around chemical dumping or setting up community gardens that you want to support? Does a nonprofit help people get out of danger or poverty, for example, by doing job training and/or funding education and training? Do they reinvest in their communities? Who's in charge and on the board?

If you want a list of Twin Cities things, I'm happy to provide them. Charity Navigator is a reasonable source for big things, your local nonprofits are a good source for info about small organizations (if they never work with anyone else, they're either very new, kind of unusual or don't play well with others). Ask your friends too, while you're at it. Questions or comments, ask away.

The Pride Month StoryBundle is here!!

Jun. 3rd, 2020 sgreen安卓安装包
I'm curating this year's Pride Month StoryBundle (6/3-7/1/20) and it is, as they say, a doozie. This is some terrific queer fiction by queer authors! And we are once again raising money for Rainbow Railroad, a major nonprofit that works with LGBTQ refugees, as our designated charity. Here's the lineup and pricing - I hope that you'll consider getting one.

For StoryBundle, you decide what price you want to pay. For $5 (or more, if you're feeling generous), you'll get the basic bundle of four books in any ebook format—WORLDWIDE.

         Best Game Ever by R. R. Angell

         The Counterfeit Viscount by Ginn Hale

         A Spectral Hue by Craig Laurance Gidney

sgreen破解版iOSCapricious: The Gender Diverse Pronouns Issue by Andi C. Buchanan

If you pay at least the bonus price of just $15, you get all four of the regular books, plus seven more more books, for a total of eleven!

         Grilled Cheese and Goblins by Nicole Kimberling

         The Armor of Light SGreen网络加速器免费版-SGreen破解版下载 1.0-小黑游戏:2021年6月6日 - SGreen加速器技术团队专注于提供优质的网络安全和加速服务,我们坚持7x24x365的服务理念,力争打造优质的服务品牌。今后我们也将一如既往地为新老用户提...

         Floodtide by Heather Rose Jones

         快帆官网-海外访问中国回国VPN | 解锁QQ音乐网易云爱奇艺 ...:2021-1-20 · 无需注册 免费畅享 Android/iOS提供永久免费线路 每日签到持续送VIP 一键直连 扬帆回国 快人一步 VIP免广告,更清爽 by Ginn Hale

         Will Do Magic For Small Change by Andrea Hairston

         The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper by A.J. Fitzwater

         Catfish Lullaby green加速器安卓破解版

Updates, state of the Catherine, Minneapolis etc.

Jun. 2nd, 2020 11:45 am
Hi there. Okay, I've had some decent sleep for the first time in a few days. The last couple of days have been very intense and I've been sleeping in the living room with the fire extinguisher, etc. while the helicopters buzzed overhead, there was lots of gunfire, I kept getting up to check the "perimeter" on the regular, etc. We are far enough away (4 blocks or so) from the site where George Floyd was murdered by the MPD that we haven't gotten tear gas in the house; homes closer to the the site and the protestors keeping vigil there haven't been so lucky. There are so many opportunities for multi-level rage right now and we don't even have to leave our own neighborhood!

So, some things that came as recent pleasant surprises, in no particular order:
  • The protestors at the vigil site weren't harassed last night.
  • The attempts to burn down and/or vandalize several buildings, including my friend's birthing clinic in North Minneapolis and DreamHaven Books, failed thanks to alert community members.
  • Mail delivery and trash pickup started again yesterday.
  • The Minneapolis Police Department is now under investigation by the State of MN for cases going back 10 years.
  • This is honestly the angriest bunch of Midwestern white people I've ever seen, outside of lefty organizing or a sporting event, and most of them are angry for good reasons, even if some of that revolves around a dream they wanted to believe was true for everyone.
  • A whole bunch of us went and cleaned up on Lake Street, on the Northside and Midway and at individual businesses; people formed watch committees and block patrols; food shelves have been overrun with donations and volunteers; a local hotel opened itself up to a newly formed collective as a shelter for people who had lost housing; fundraisers are going on all over the place. None of this takes away from the cops, the State Patrol, the Sheriff's Department, a supposedly random truck driver, roving white supremacists, or National Guard personnel brutalizing protestors, community members and journalists or, you know, centuries of white supremacy, but it's still pretty amazing to watch come together and participate in it.
What you can do:
  • Do you live in Minneapolis? The MPD's contract is being negotiated right now. Reach out to your council person and the Mayor with your concerns. Here's a handy list of reforms that Minneapolis for a Better Police Contract tried to get them to consider last year; they got shut out of the process. But now, thanks to murder, over brutality, the "blue flu" that caused them to unable to actually respond to actual problems instead of shooting people on porches and harassing neighborhood patrols, and the aforementioned angry white people, there's a chance to be heard. Seize it. 
  • Fundraisers, we got 'em! Here's a list on Bring Me the News - I've been sending them daily updates and you can too! I just sent them this one so it should be up tomorrow - Uncle Hugo's and Uncle Edgar's Bookstore rebuilding fund.
  • Volunteer, if you can. It helps. There's a ton of stuff going on - check Holy Trinity Church in Minneapolis, this list here  and North Minneapolis churches and the Midway neighbor's group. Cleaning, medics, people to help at the Sheraton, people to pick things up, distribute things, etc. etc. The need to gigantic.
  • And when they're looking at people to help with COVID-19 testing and support, gonna need help for that too, unfortunately.
  • Buy things from locally-owned businesses that are still open or reopening. Seriously, a lot of them/us  were hurting before this. Hold off on getting shit from Amazon if you can find it locally in your price range. Check local first.
  • Fight police brutality, military occupation and racism on your local level, if you don't live here. National level, as well.
  • Pace your self as much as you can. People burn out fast on this stuff. Go smell whatever proverbial roses that you got.
And tomorrow, we start the Pride Month StoryBundle and I'm curating so expect things to be about that for a few weeks, interspersed with rage and news. Good times!


May. 30th, 2020 04:02 pm
catherineldf: (Default)
Let's start with the fun stuff. My story, " Cardinal's Gambit," is out at Heather Rose Jones' LHMPodcast, If you liked the pirate/spy couple that I introduced in "The Letter of Marque" and wrote about in "One Night In Saint Martin," they're back! Have a little distraction!

Okay, back to the horror. So last night we had a friend over for birthday dinner (Jana's and his) and he left right before curfew (a brand new thing, started last night at 8PM, both cities). When he left, we found a bag of food from a local restaurant on the porch. We tried unsuccessfully to reach them and there was no name on it, so into the fridge it went. More on that later.

Now many places, putting a "curfew" in suggests that it will be enforced, in this case by the MN National Guard and the local constabulary. Or, you know, someone in authority. But that was not how this rolled. I have said elsewhere that a number of our public officials are people that we elected in good times for good times, not necessarily people who could handle many, many simultaneous crises, back to back. Some of them are trying, but aren't good at it yet. Some are not trying and it shows. Last night, the rest of Lake Street burned, along with a big chunk of St. Paul and some of North Minneapolis. Today, we are finally wrestling with the notion that the Fire Department needs to be able to get to the fires in order to put them out. We are also dealing with the notion that if you start out with huge, interracial groups of protestors, then suddenly have small groups of white guys with suspiciously new gear running around setting fire to things and encouraging looting, then maybe you have a different set of problems.

Last night, we lost, amongst other things too numerous to even begin to list:
  • Uncle Hugo's and Uncle Edgar's Bookstore - the oldest indie sf-speciality bookstore in the country. Staff are unharmed, fundraiser likely coming soon.
  • Broadway Family Medicine Clinic, one of the largest medical facilities left in North Minneapolis
  • 2 post offices (one of which housed my p.o. box as well as several things on hold that were due to be delivered when mail service resumed - the 2 shirts that I had ordered for Jana for her birthday, the DVDs I was looking forward to watching and some other things). My all time favorite mail clerk worked at our closest one.
  • More restaurants, nail shops, barber shops, gas stations, coffee shops, banks, pharmacies, drug stores, grocery stores, etc. than I can count.
  • A photojournalist has lost an eye to "nonlethal" rounds, DreamHaven Books was broken into and trashed, the Minnesota Somali Museum got trashed and the Midtown Global Market and its apartments were attacked (the tenants fended off the looters and arsonists and now it's one of the few buildings left standing). Paper Source got looted (Paper Source? I mean all the why?).
No, you do not get to tell me what I can or can't mourn or how I should do it. No one gets to tell those of us who are living through this right now that.

Today, I dropped off donations at the food shelf, helped raise the Bat Signal to assist DreamHaven Books, shared food from the restaurant delivery (I paid the restaurant even though they tried to give us the meal kit for free) with our neighbors, helped clean up DreamHaven and locked up our trash cans and recycling bin so they can't be used to start fires. The farmers we buy goat cheese from fought their way to our house to deliver the goat cheese order I couldn't get downtown to pick up.

Tonight, the word is that we are going to get an influx of white supremacists. The highways are closed. We no longer have mail delivery or public transit. All over the area, people are assembling block patrols. One of our favorite cafe owners to begging people to come and stay overnight to help her protect her restaurant (an East Coast Big 5 editor informed me today on Twitter that "no one did that," when in fact yes, they do). The full Minnesota National Guard will be out, along with troops from other states. Tonight, they have been told they can use lethal force. Tonight, I will be sleeping on the couch with a fire extinguisher and sundry other equipment and waking up periodically to patrol our yard and keep an eye on the surrounding houses. We are all angry and scared and I just hope we stop these fuckers tonight and save what's left of our cities.

And no, I haven't forgotten about George Floyd. Hell, I haven't even forgotten about COVID-19. But we're in in survival mode now and have to do the best we can with what we have. We'll get justice for him, but we gotta survive the night first. Good luck out there and stay as safe as you can.

Greetings from the war zone...

May. 29th, 2020 04:40 pm
catherineldf: (Default)
As I noted in my previous post, I live in Minneapolis, 4 blocks from where members of the Minneapolis Police Department murdered George Floyd, 1.5-3 miles from Lake Street, depending on which part of it you're looking at. I participated in the first march and went down to the vigil site again last night. I shopped at most of the local businesses and other buildings that have been destroyed and know people who worked in many of them.

So far, we have lost:
  • 2 members of our local community, including Mr. Floyd.
  • Countless small businesses, like restaurants and stores run by POC and immigrant folks.
  • iOS网易云音乐 免VIP下载、去广告、去更新 无需越狱... - Swift...:2021年4月8日 - 我关注的 ...
  • Affordable housing and apartments
  • A building housing a 40 year old nonprotit that worked with Native youth, teaching communications, and its entire archive.
  • A post office and its equipment
  • Things I haven't even begun the catalogue.
  • An independent Spanish-language radio station
  • And this doesn't begin to cover the intangibles and the buildings that were badly damaged that will be deemed unrepairable.
Honestly, I would cheerfully trade the 3rd Precinct, which I do not consider a loss, to have any or all of these other things back. "Burn it all down" is for people who don't plan to clean it up.

Is it understandable? The marches and the vigil that's been running 24 hours a day demanding justice for Mr. Floyd, definitely. Some of the attacks on various building, particularly the 3rd Precinct, definitely. But it also sounds as if some of it, the fires in particular, may have been set by agent provocateurs. There are also obviously people just looking to create trouble.
At this point, the fires and looting and so forth have gone well beyond the groups who came together to protest the murder (murders, really, since this was hardly the first) and the likely mishandling of justice for that crime when administered by some of our current officials.

Has some version of this been coming for a long time? Yes. So, honestly, is the decision to have the MN National Guard step in when the police and the city government failed at even basic protections for firefighters fighting the blazes. This has to stop for any kind of dialogue or change to begin. My concern is that we will end up like St. Louis, where urban riots hollowed out the city core in the late 1960s and it still hadn't been rebuild by the mid1980s when I lived there. Where Ferguson is an ongoing crime (look up what happened there after the world's attention turned away - activist assassinations, etc.). And I really don't want to see that.

So here we are, going into the first weekend of curfew, enforced by the National Guard. Things are happening, support networks are getting built, cleanup and fundraising is already happening. Will it be enough to create a new future for this city I fell in love with? I have no idea. But I'm hoping. I'm also hoping that we don't lose any more.

George Floyd and life in Minneapolis

May. 27th, 2020 08:03 pm
sgreen ios 破解版下载
Hello! Greetings to all the new people who started following me after virtual WisCon. I try to post out here roughly once a week, usually with a mix of writing and personal updates. Here is a personal update that is not about me, per se.

What's going on right now as you have all no doubt seen online or on the news is that the Minneapolis Police Department straight up murdered an African American man named George Floyd on camera about 4 blocks from our house on Monday. George was a security guard at a local night club and a beloved member of his community, based on what I've seen.

So last night, I went down with some friends and we joined the march to demand justice for George and other victims of police violence. It was a very powerful march and there were thousands of marchers, plus hundreds of people hanging signs out of of their houses and cars to show their support. We chose not to walk up to the 3rd Precinct, which is where things got lively (see photos with tear gas and rubber bullets). Today, there are more scattered rallies, our neighborhoods are being buzzed by police helicopters and it is all pretty hellish. The police officers who killed George Floyd have been fired but the MPD is running amok (there is a long, multi-part story about how the MPD got to be such a mess that I'll skip for now) and it's not clear that the county attorney will press charges. Said count attorney is notorious for not charging the police, when he can get away with it. Short version: it is all horrible and sad and enraging. Our city and our community have many lovely things to recommend them and I hope to see those things again. After police prosecutions, significant jail time and a complete overhaul of the MPD.

Missing WisCon something fierce, but...

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We are online and doing the Discord and YouTube thing, in all its glory. If you are attending WisCon Online ( registration closed yesterday), be sure and check the Discord channel in the Artists and Vendors chat. I'll be posting a coupon for 15% on 5/22 for all sales over $3 from the Queen of Swords Press website. Does it make up for not getting to have a party to celebrate the launch of The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper, A.J. Fitzwater and Alex Acks's Wireless becoming a Midwest Book Award finalist? Honestly, no, but hopefully it becomes its own kind of fun. Speaking of A.J., who has just been promoting like a promoting thing, they are doing an AMA on r/Fantasy right now and you can stop by and chat about dapper lesbian capybara pirates and their other work.

And more WisCon: my wife, Jana, is normally in the Art Show and has been happily making new pretties for the last few months. All of those are available in her Etsy: new handmade boxes, journals and her insanely affordablesgreen下载ios that come with their own pencil and refill pages.
WisCon is a sizeable chunk of our annual small business income, so if you can afford it and see something you like, please think about buying from us and the other vendors and artists.

If you are not at WisCon, but want to buy books, we are having other sales!
  • Through May 22nd (tomorrow) - I Heart Lesfic Megasale. Silver Moon (me), Medusa's Touch (Emily L. Byrne), Desire and Knife's Edge (Emily) are on sale at Amazon, Smashwords and direct from Queen of Swords Press.
  • Through May 31st - Authors Give Back on Smashwords. Pick up my collections Unfinished Business and Out of This World for about $3. 
In the next few days, I'll be announcing the books and authors for this year's Pride Month StoryBundle, which will kick off on 6/3. Last weekend, I was at Flights of Foundry, which was my first online con. It went quite well and I had a lot of fun. This weekend is WisCon and next weekend is the SFWA Nebula Weekend. I'm not on programming at either of these because I thought I was going to be doing other things, but A.J. will be on a couple of panels next weekend. In June, I'll be teaching Book Promotion on a Budget (COVID-19 version) at the Rambo Academy on 6/14, I'll be doing my annual talk at DreamHaven on 6/17 (online as well as socially distanced in person, bookstore staff permitting),  Rainbow Space Magic (a new LGBTQ con) from 6/20-21 and vending at Twin Cities Pride for the first time in the Virtual Marketplace. Queen of Swords Press now does print as well as ebook direct from the website.

In other news, my broken glasses have been dropped off for replacement, the squirrels are apparently evicted from the soffits and porch roof at great effort and expense, the attic is done (except for the floor) and is lovely, and sundry electrical fixes are happening around the house. So naturally, the washing machine is flooding, the garage door is iffy and the chimney needs repairs. Having the occasional financial/constant stress of having things always in repair or construction mode-related meltdown and trying to get an ton of stuff done, with mixed results. Hoping you all are doing well!

Flights of Foundry Schedule

May. sgreen安卓版, 2020 01:07 pm
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Coming up this weekend (5/16-5/17), I'll be at Flights of Foundry, a new online sf and f convention sponsored by Dream Foundry. Queen of Swords Press will also have a space in the virtual dealer's room. The conference is going to be run on a combination of Zoom, Discord and Sched and I suspect that it will provide the groundwork for big sfnal virtual cons to come. It's free to register, but do please make a donation, if you can.

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Saturday, May 16
10:00pm - 11pm
 Demystifying Self-Publishing: Thinking about self-pub? Here's what you're in for Sarah Faxon • Catherine Lundoff • Dean Kershaw

Sunday, May 17

9:00am - 10am
 Small Press 'Palooza: dave ring • LeKesha Lewis • Catherine Lundoff • J.R.H. Lawless

7:00pm - 8pm
 Speculative Horror: A Modern Survival Guide Alasdair Stuart • Scott Johnson • Catherine Lundoff • K. M. Alexander • Kat Clay

8:00pm - 9pm
 Catherine Lundoff - Author Reading


May. 10th, 2020 sgreen安卓安装包
It's very hard not to nap. It's chilly outside and has been drizzling and I'm sitting next to two big sleepy cats who are purring and/or snoring a little. The contractors are getting close to done on this round of the attic - it's looking much better and is a lot more comfortable to be in, what with being thoroughly insulated and having pretty pine-scented walls and actual windows (we've had open vents that we plugged with insulation every winter for the last 20 years). Given that we've had to add an electrician and roofers, I'm terrified to see the final bill but confident that it will be a nice, usable space. Speaking of roofers, they identified issues with the chimney that will have to be fixed. Our handy guy made his third visit last week to drive the squirrels from their happy new nest in the porch roof. They defeated him, so now we get the super-spendy wildlife removal guy, who will trap, transport far away and do repairs; he starts this Friday. Then my main pair of glasses broke (headed into the "not covered on my new insurance because state employees don't need no stinking vision insurance" optometrist and hope my HSA card from my previous job is still active on Wednesday). And one of my Mother's Day tasks? Moving Mom's ashes from the box on the porch where they've been living into the pretty handmade urn I got for them. ALL the fun!

A gay Ugandan refugee in Kenya who follows me on Twitter checked in on me this morning to say hi and see if I was okay, so I do want to note that while all of the above sucks and is quite stressful, it is not life-threatening, and as long as I don't get fired or furloughed and nothing else huge goes awry, we'll be okay. And realistically, even if I did lose my job, we could manage for a little while, even under these circumstances, which is more than a lot of other people can say. My acquaintance in Kenya is going through very tough times; he and his fellow queer refugees are in a fair amount of peril, even though they're no longer in Uganda (being out and LGBTQ in Uganda is pretty much a death sentence) and they're trying to start up an income generation project to keep themselves afloat (most of them lost their gigs due to COVID-19 shutdowns. If you are so inclined and able to do so, you can donate here - a little goes a long, long way. The Go Fund Me is being administered by another online acquaintance, one who I've known for a couple of years, and the money is making its way to Geoffrey and his group, which both of them have confirmed. There are many news stories about conditions at the camp, if you want to learn more.

Otherwise, I'm working on projects, working on the Pride Month StoryBundle (once again benefiting Rainbow Railroad and LGBTQ refugees, as well as participating authors) and got to go to the new gay-owned chocolate shop, Dancing Bear Chocolates, in North Minneapolis, which opened this weekend and has tasty stuff. And I visited The Cafe Meow, our charming new local cat cafe, on the way home (for tea, not kitty time). I'll be on a bunch of programming at Flights of Foundry next weekend, which looks amazing and I recommend signing up; I think it will set the standard for future online cons. I'm watching stuff online and reading and going to meetings and so forth and watching plays and generally making the best of things, with a certain amount of grumpiness. I hope all of you are staying healthy and participating in your communities however you can.

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